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This is a Christian school in a poor mountain area near Kenscoff, south east of Port Au Prince, Haiti. We sponsor 35 of the 90 children that attend the school.  We have been sponsoring there for about 12 years.  They rely totally on sponsorship to run their school. We supply the teachers wages, a nutritious lunch and education.

Callebasse Christmas Newsletter 2012

The team distributed New Testament Bibles,donated by the Epworth United church, to each student

       Merry Christmas!


The students receive their Christmas gift bags from the team



I am pleased to be writing you my first newsletter.  I have just returned from Haiti where I had the privilege to visit the Callebasse school.  It was my pleasure to travel with John Blair, Lynn Poisson and Dean Shoemaker. It was wonderful to see the children, teachers and Principal Nixon.  During the trip, our team distributed Christmas gifts and candy to the children.  We were very fortunate to bring gifts from Epworth United Church who made the cloth gift bags and filled them with presents for 75 children.

The team returned a second day to distribute food bags to each family of the students who attend.  It was an amazing experience as they are so grateful for the generosity of Bethel-Maidstone United Church who donated towards the food bags and candy.  If you are interested in contributing to food bags next year please let me know.

I would to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous sponsorship support.  The children at the school look very healthy.  The funds you send help with paying the teachers and other school expenses, including a meal at lunchtime. After distributing food bags, we had the opportunity to have a meeting with Principal Nixon and the teachers.  While they are very grateful we did learn that things are becoming even more difficult.  We are challenged to send more funds as we have some sponsors who could no longer continue.  Please continue to pray for the families of Callebasse School.  We are also in great need of more sponsors, so if you know of anyone interested sponsoring a child please encourage them to contact me. The great thing about this program as you know, is that 100% of funds go directly to the school.


While we were there, we had the opportunity to visit the home of one student’s family.  This family lost their house in the earthquake and unfortunately their father had passed away 3 years ago.  Through a program administered by John Blair at Bethel-Maidstone United Church, a number of individuals and churches are raising funds to build even more homes.  There were a total 20 students whose families lost their home.  New homes are being built for $3,200 each.  If you or others are interested, please let me know.

On behalf of Principal Nixon, the teachers and all of the students: “Thank you again for your support and God bless you!”


Francine Hamel

Sponsorship Coordinator
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