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Owen Harris, Jayne Burritt, Mary Pat Elliott, Madame Jean Fritz, Elaine Lewis & Greg Brady


           Our trip to  Haiti in April had primarily an administrative purpose. We had 3 board members and 3 sponsorship coordinators.  While we were there we met a 4th sponsorship coordinator Francine Hamel and Greg Brady from Yellow Knife, who is our co-supporter of God’s Hope School in Haiti.  We enjoyed our stay at Pastor Jean Fritz’s home in Fermathe and from there were able to visit our various facilities where ACWAM sponsors children.  We went up to the new Haiti Children’s Rescue Mission in Gressier and were very pleased to see the children in 3 new dormitories.  They have also built a large kitchen/ dining hall, 2 guest houses and a store house.   The children have a brand new home.  While we were there our sponsorship coordinator for HCRM, Jayne Burritt, got updates and pictures of  all of our sponsored kids.

God’s Littlest Angels Orphanage was our next stop.  Mary Pat Elliott, the sponsorship coordinator for that facility  took pictures and gave gifts to our sponsored children.  By Christmas they hope to have the toddlers moved up to their new place in Kenscoff.

We were able to touch base with  4 of the 5 schools that we help support.  At St. Antoine we updated our sponsorships .  Callebasse school is progressing well, and  Francine took pictures for the sponsors the following week.  God’s Hope is out-growing their building with 160 students.  We will support their building project.  Lambs of the  Light students were not in class the day that we visited there, however we met with the director.  We met with the agents of all of our schools and left school supplies and a donation for each school.

We were also pleased to be invited by “Awake in Haiti”, to work with them at a tent city called Canaan.  The ladies worked in a medical facility and the men helped to build a church.  That was the first time any of us had been inside a tent city.  All in all we could see that Haiti is rebuilding after the terrible earthquake of 2010.

Our board members were very optimistic about the state of affairs of the facilities that ACWAM supports in Haiti.  Our agent are working very hard and are spending their funds wisely.  God is blessing them and the children that they are supporting.
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