I wanted to thank all the members ACWAM for helping to provide and bless the trip to Tanzania.

Before we even left the Detroit airport, we had an opportunity to pray for a lady whose Dutch name is very difficult to pronounce. Violet, one of the team members, started to share with this lady who wasn’t able to walk far even with the use of her walker. She needed both knees and hip surgery as well as she only had a small percentage of her heart capacity which made her to be extremely tired at the least amount of effort. She welcomed prayer but admitted she didn’t expect much. Within a couple minutes after a quick prayer, no walker was required and we explained the heat she felt in her chest meant He was working at healing her heart as well. Praise God for starting out the trip with such a wonderful blessing.
Travelling to Amsterdam then Nairobi and spending the night at a missionary type hotel was wonderful. In the morning we took the 5 hr desert shuttle to Arusha with lots of scenic views.  We stayed with a lovely family for our time in Arusha who were incredibly welcoming.
Sunday we started the crusade which went to the following Sunday. Each day was met with enthusiasm and much dancing, followed by many healings each night.

On the last Sunday, during the day Bryan, Violet and I  went to minister in a town called Moshi for a Sunday morning service.

In the second week we spent a day and a half part way up Mount Kilimanjaro, where Violet used to live which was wonderful.  There was an evening house prayer meeting that night with more healing. From there we went on a safari about 2 hours north. It was great and on the way back we broke down and got to minister to a couple tribal Masi Warriors with one of them receiving a wonderful healing and then Christ as his Saviour!

Violet, Julie and I also went to distribute donations and pray for children and staff in a local orphanage one morning with the Lord healing some children and a widow, because He’s amazing!

It was a great opportunity and blessing.

Thanks again,

Randy Murphy