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On Thursday, July 16, 2015, the Rotary Club of Wallaceburg presented a cheque for $2,250.00 to Ed Cave and Mary Pat Elliott, representing Active Christians With a Mission (ACWAM).

ACWAM Outreach Ministries is a non-profit charitable organization which reaches out to help those in need by working with other established ministries in their day to day tasks. The group was started in 1995 by Frank and Agnes DeGroot, when a missionary couple working in Haiti sent out a plea asking for help. Together with several friends they went to Haiti to help. After this mission they formed a registered charity to continue their work.

ACWAM does a great deal of fundraising to purchase supplies and medical aid for the people of Haiti. Every mission that travels to Haiti is fully loaded with clothing, school supplies, medical equipment, etc. They sponsor approximately 166 children in 4 schools, 2 orphanages and one rescue center in Haiti. They are also helping a young lady to become a doctor for the Haitian people.

The Rotary Club of Wallaceburg has been supporting the ACWAM missions to Haiti for a number of years with generous financial donations. We are also sponsoring medical student Regine Necessaire in Haiti, who is training to become a doctor to help the people in Haiti.

Our donation of $2,250 is going to Regine to assist her in financing her education.

Henry Boley, Ed Cave, Mary Pat Elliott

The photograph shows Henry Boley, Trustee of the Rotary Club of Wallaceburg Charitable Trust, presenting the cheque to Ed Cave and Mary Pat Elliott, who are both members of ACWAM and have joined missions to Haiti for several years.