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First let’s give a big thank you to All Mighty God for being with us, for working thru us and Blessing us with a decent 2 days and a great group of people to bring this awareness to the community and allowing us to help those here and in Haiti.

        Secondly a big thank you to all those who helped in the organization, setting up, tearing down the campsite or participation in any way for this KADOSH/ACWAM event called “Home and Abroad”. I will not name any names as you know who you are and God allowed each of you to share your gifts to make this event happen. You are all awesome and I am a better person for being there with you.

Thank you.

        Next a big thank to all those from the community who stopped in to chat, bring coffee, hot chocolate, food and companionship. Thank you Lord for all of them.

        And WOW  $3500.00 and counting for the amount raised so far for Salvation Army/ St. Vincent de Paul and our Haiti project in March. That’s Awesome. If someone missed the opportunity and still wants to donate they can, by contacting ACWAM,

John- glad you are feeling better

Pete- how did the weigh in go and how were the bacon and eggs

Trish- How was the first official day on the job?

Paul- how was the prime roast dinner to finish it all off

Kathy- how’s dad and praying he still comes home today

Eric- Thanks for all the help and things will get better. It’s what you learn    that matters

Mary Ann- I’m sure it was nice to be back with your hubby, Great to get to know you better

Jessica- You were awesome and thanks for sticking it out

Dustin- You were awesome also, adults can be boring but you stuck it out

Nick- For being there as long as you were, I know there were better places to be, thank you

Carolynn- For sticking it out and being like the Mom and looking out for every ones needs

Mary- for the smiles and Joy you bring and how you and Paul complement each other so well. Enjoy you family today

Rene- for sticking it out and all the stories you shared, still have your license?

Mary Pat- Your uplifting presence and the coffee and hot choc. You brought and your life experiences

Elaine- your bacon and eggs hit the spot and your presence and experience is admired

Jayne- like your sisters, the joy, life experiences and your enthusiasm.

Janice- also the Mom and for sticking it out. Bet you thought the suburban would be more comfortable

Riel- for popping out after a hard day’s work

Anne- for making time to come out because I know you are one very busy lady

Hannah- sorry we missed you