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Birth of Jesus

May you unwrap and enjoy God’s Christmas gift for you, “a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord” Luke 2:11

Coming events:
Dec 21st -Feeding the Hungry 

ACWAM is participating in a Christmas Dinner outreach in downtown Toronto.  A team of nearly 50 volunteers will leave for Toronto on Friday Dec.20th.  They will prepare the food on the Friday and serve it on Saturday Dec.21st.  This is an annual event and last year the group served about 1200 people.  We work alongside an inner city church, lending our hands and some finances to serve the needy folks a hardy, festive Christmas dinner.  We pray that they will be blessed and feel the love of Jesus.

Dec 27 & 28th- Haiti Team Creating Poverty Awareness

A dedicated group from the ACWAM team who will be going to Haiti for a mission trip in March will be getting “cold feet”.  They have decided to bring attention to poverty at home and away.   The group is holding a fundraiser on Dec. 27 &28, when they will be camping outdoors in the cold in front of Holy Family Church in Wallaceburg.  They will welcome donations of money and nonperishable food.  Please drop by and drop some in.  These donations will be divided among the local Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul and the Haiti mission project. The group is looking to being inconvenienced in order to show their conviction to helping the less fortunate locally and away.