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Overview of Recent Events:

Petrolia Yard Sale and BBQ -April 27, 2013- The weather was great and we were able to raise over $1300 to help with our mission projects.  Thanks Mike for letting us use your yard.

June 9- Yard sale & BBQ at Knox Presbyterian Church-  The weather looked “ify”  but turned out fine (an answer to many prayers).  We thank our many donors and supporters for a successful morning.  We raised $1358.25 for our ACWAM projects

July 6- Our Annual Meeting Picnic- took place at Crothers Park in Wallaceburg, 34 people attended including some from New Brunswick, LaSalle, Sarnia, Petrolia, Tupperville, Tara, Dover Center, Wallaceburg and Tupperville. The food and the fellowship was wonderful. A brief overview of our finances and activities was presented.  We held an entertaining auction and raised over $500.  A warm “Thank you” was expressed to everyone for their support throughout the year.

Aug 10- BBQ WAMBO- We enjoyed a bright sunny day greeting people from all over South-Western Ontario, who came to enjoy WAMBO (Wallaceburg Antique Motor Boat Outing). Our sale of barbequed hamburgers, hotdogs, sausages, and hot buttered corn netted us nearly $500, enough to feed many of our Haitian school children lunches for a month. With the help of donations from the McCrearys local farm, who donated all of the corn, we were able to continue to help with our fundraising for ACWAM.

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