Active Christians With A Mission

ACWAM Outreach Ministries reaches out to help those in need by working with other already established ministries in their day to day tasks. We invite you to take a look around the site and maybe even get involved in some way with us. We all can take an active role in blessing one another to become better and more productive people.

How We Got Started

ACWAM Outreach Ministries came into being in response to a need. In 1995 Frank and Agnes DeGroot became aware of a “cry for help” from a missionary couple that had been labouring faithfully in Haiti for several years. At the point of “burn out”, without sufficient funds to go on, and greatly discouraged, then sent out a plea “would someone come and help us?” Sharing this burden with several friends, a vision was born. The first team was ready and willing to go to Haiti in response to a cry for help.

After this initial trip, the response from the community was so great that the next step was to become a Registered Charity, giving us accountability and responsibility to our supporters. The name ACWAM means Active Christians With A Mission. This describes accurately what we are. ACWAM Outreach Ministries is unique in that their purpose is to come along side of already existing and proven Missions and Ministries and provide encouragement to them by providing them with medicines, various necessary supplies, raising funds for projects and sending teams to minister and to help with work projects.

We carefully and prayerfully screen all ministries we support. God has given us a great team of volunteers and access to the necessary resources to bless several Mission works and Ministries.

What ACWAM Does

ACWAM does a great deal of fundraising to purchase supplies and medical aid for the people of Haiti. Each time a team goes to Haiti we go fully loaded with clothing, school supplies, medical equipment, etc. We provide sponsorship for approximately 166 children in 4 schools, 2 orphanages and one rescue center in Haiti.  We are currently financially helping a young lady to become a doctor for the Haitian people.

ACWAM also, takes teams to New York City  for training and ministry to the homeless and less fortunate. Teams develop valuable ministry skills that are used locally as well as abroad.

We participate in inner-city feeding programs in Toronto and support Teen Challenge in Lambeth and U-turn Youth Ministries in Wallaceburg, Chatham and Brigden

All funds raised go directly toward designated mission projects.

Fundraisers include:
• our annual walk-a-thon
• garage sales & barbecues and community dinners

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